Read on for frequently asked questions about Realise Marketing.

What do you do?

Realise is a micro digital marketing consultancy offering high quality services. Please see our services section for more information on our offering.

What’s a micro-agency and why might I want one?

Sometimes a marketing or creative agency might be more than you require, but freelancers on the whole tend to be specialists, who need you to invest time in managing and overseeing their work. As specialist consultants we sit happily in the middle of both camps, and can provide specialist knowledge but also manage and personally deliver the work, saving you time and money. Due to our model we can be flexible to scale up or down as you need.

Who will I be working with?

Most of the time you’ll be working with Rebecca Coldicott – I am the Owner and Director. I have over 12 years experience in marketing, gained from both sides of the fence, working for some of the best businesses and agencies in the West Midlands.

I have relationships and regularly work with selected colleagues and freelancers, who will be handpicked to be the right team for the job. Realise will be able to manage your project from the very first conversation through to completion with little demands on your time, due to Rebecca’s background in strategy, account and project management. We are able to offer this added value, so you can rest assured that your objectives are being met.

Most of the time the person who you are speaking to will be the person doing the work, or if not sometimes the one managing the person doing the work. We are transparent about who we work with and allow you to have direct conversations with our carefully-selected contractors. We provide high quality long-term services and never use cheap alternatives or black-hat social media methods such as buying fans.

Why Realise? What does it mean?

Realise literally means to make it real. The brand name was chosen as we turn the essence of your aspirations into objectives and bring them to reality. We research, define, plan, deliver and report on successful digital marketing.
You can grow, streamline, deliver and become more effective and therefore more profitable by working with us.

What makes you different?

The main difference is our full-service approach for a relatively modest budget. We can manage your work on a freelance, contract or project basis and in most cases you won’t need to go to lots of different suppliers or freelancers – we already have these relationships in place and can pass the savings on to you. As above, the person you’re talking to is usually the person doing the work, bringing many added benefits.

We are also able to both research and plan as well as implement recommendations, which isn’t often easy to find under one roof. Being multi-skilled means we can offer you a full solution if required, to make your life easier.

We also take what we do seriously – we have business insurance and work with other small businesses in the community to share best practice and advice.

What’s your process?

Although there are some common processes we go through, our processes will be tailored to your individual requirements. When you start working with us we’ll detail the process and what you can expect from us when, based on your timescales.

How much will it cost?

Our costs vary significantly depending on the time and work involved, therefore all projects and quoted bespoke. We quote based on the time estimated to do the work rather than an arbitrary figure, so you can be sure you’re not paying more than you should.

Please get in touch to discuss what you’d like to achieve.

On what basis do you work?

We can be flexible to your requirements, whether you’d like to employ us as a contractor, on an ad-hoc freelance basis or perhaps even full-time immersion to get to grips with and deliver that all-important strategy. As you’d expect we do work with other clients so if you don’t already have a contract with us it’s best to get in touch to discuss our current availability.

How will it work with a remote team?

These days, we don’t need to all be in the same office to work together effectively. We use a range of project management and communication tools to keep in touch with you and each other, and keep on track. Even teams in the same room still use these tools. We always recommend getting together in person at the start of the project and when scoping the project, and we often find that we can be more productive working remotely. Simply by removing travel time and distractions the working day can be much more fruitful, and our clients agree.

Can you work on-site?

Having said the above, most of our services are provided on a remote basis in order to keep costs down, but sometimes on-site work is a recommendation for some, where working in-person is desirable. We’ll often suggest an in-person meeting free of charge, especially at the start of the relationship. For companies outside the West Midlands, mostly remote working is recommended.

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