10 Ways ASOS is Killing it Right Now

ASOS is one of the UK's largest online retailers. Customers are able to shop over 850 brands on the go as well as from the comfort of... anywhere! With over 13.4 million active customers and a reported gross profit last year of £958.3 Million (According to the 2017 Financial Highlights), they really are at the top of their game.

We've selected 10 factors that contribute to their ongoing success, together with key outtakes that you could consider applying to your business.

1. A-List Loyalty Scheme

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="497"]ASOS A-List Scheme ASOS details each level of their A-List Loyalty Scheme on their website, with each level rewarding something different to customers.[/caption]

ASOS launched the 'A-List' scheme in February 2016 when, at the time, none of their online fashion competitors, such as Boohoo and Missguided, had a loyalty scheme in place. The scheme offers 5 points for every £1 spent, and when earning 500 points the customer is rewarded with a £5 voucher to take off the basket sub-total. The levels of the A-List scheme run from 1 to 3, with each level rewarding customers in different ways, including a birthday discount and early access to sales.

> The E-Commerce world is extremely competitive, so customer loyalty is key. ASOS's loyalty scheme means that customers are wanting to spend more and they are more engaged. According to YouGov, 59% of all UK consumers think all brands should offer loyalty schemes, and they can generate as much as 20% of a company's profits.

2. Premier Delivery

[caption id="attachment_6710" align="alignnone" width="510"]ASOS Premier Delivery ASOS's Premier Delivery Scheme shows that by spending the fee of £9.95, consumers save £5.95 per order.[/caption]

Many online retailers are now offering premier delivery for consumers, Amazon Prime being among the leaders. ASOS offers customers next day delivery for the whole year for £9.95, in turn saving consumers £5.95 per order and allowing consumers to shop faster and with less hassle. Also available with premier delivery are occasional discounts, access to early sales and a monthly magazine. It's fast fashion at its finest!

> Offering Premier Delivery to consumers is a relatively new concept, but it allows customers to save money and receive orders faster, which means they will shop more, which in turns brings increased profitability. According to the 2018 KPMG Annual Retail Survey, it is estimated that nearly 3 in 4 of us would spend more if we could receive our purchases on the day we bought them. UK retail could be losing as much as £4.9bn a year by not offering this option.

3. Collection and Delivery Process

[caption id="attachment_6713" align="alignnone" width="505"]Delivery and Collection Options for ASOS ASOS offers Standard, Next Day, Nominated Day and Premier Delivery, as well as Click and Collect, which is available from 6 services around the UK.[/caption]

Much like other fashion retailers Pretty Little Thing and Missguided, ASOS offers a variety of delivery services as well as collection. They offer customers standard, next day, nominated day and premier delivery, with standard delivery being free with purchases over £25. Click and Collect is available with 6 services that have a wide range of collection points across the UK. This provides a great deal of choice through a variety of options, putting the consumer in the driving seat.

> Offering a variety of delivery options to the customer is actually more critical to sales than it might first appear. According to one survey, up to 50% of abandoned carts can be related to inadequate delivery options. Companies that can exceed consumers'  growing expectations on delivery (or similar aspects) will reap the rewards.

4. Product and Brand Range

[caption id="attachment_6715" align="alignnone" width="509"]ASOS Brands and Product Range ASOS offers an extraordinary 850 high street and designer brands on their site, as well as products from ASOS-own brands.[/caption]

ASOS offers one of the largest range of brands in the UK fashion market. Consumers have the ability to shop for specific occasions and products with over 850 brands and counting. Offering designer and high street brands as well as own brands, there really is something for everyone! ASOS-own brand include women's ranges for petite, tall, curve and maternity, to name a few. ASOS pride themselves on giving people opportunities to express themselves through fashion without judgement. They do everything they can to help consumers find their perfect style and fit, with ASOS brands offering over 30 sizes, all at the same price.

> The range and variety of brands and products that ASOS provide is endless. They really pride themselves on providing something for everyone and promoting body positivity, this gives them an edge against other retailers as they could be seen as being socially responsible.  In 2016, ASOS's Annual Report revealed that their products were around 55% branded items compared to 44% own label mix.

5. Newness

Being an online retailer, bringing out new content and styles frequently is key. This is apparent with ASOS: newness drives the business and their growth. With 2,500 to 7,000 new items being added every week, consumers need never see the same thing more than once. ASOS are known for having meticulous timing for trends, dropping full stories of fashion at once, as soon as a new trend emerges.They are able to offer new on-trend fashion to everyone with a 6 week time frame between sketch to site (according to the 'ASOS Story'). This expert knowledge of trends together with speed to market is another key factor for ASOS's success.

> In 2016, ASOS's Annual Report revealed there was a 30% increase of new styles each week. ASOS really do provide for everyone. Bringing the newest fashion to customers is more than driving sales, its more about turning sales into loyal customers and advocates for the business.

6. Exclusives

[caption id="attachment_6717" align="alignnone" width="403"]ASOS Marketplace ASOS Marketplace offers consumers to shop for vintage products, from a variety of boutiques[/caption]

60% of ASOS's products from other brands are sold exclusively to ASOS to sell to consumers (according to the 'ASOS Story'). The exclusive items are branded items such as Warehouse or Adidas, and they are only available on ASOS. So consumers have to shop directly from ASOS, rather than the brand, which is obviously good for ASOS's sales and revenue. Another 'exclusive offer' that ASOS make available to customers is access to the ASOS Marketplace. This offers exclusive vintage pieces from the best vintage boutiques from around the world.

> Offer your customers exclusivity through your selection of exclusive products, offers and services. The ASOS Marketplace offers a unique perspective on fashion and makes even more styles and trends avaliable to customers. According to SimilarWeb Analytics, ASOS Marketplace's total visits is around 1.98 million customers in May 2018.

7. Customer Care

[caption id="attachment_6719" align="alignnone" width="763"]ASOS Customer Care ASOS gives customers a variety of ways to contact them if they need assistance. This allows for all customers to have instant contact with a customer service representative using the best method for them[/caption]

ASOS is one of the best when it comes to customer care and service. Their website answers the most FAQ's on a range of problems and issues that customers could come across. If the consumer cannot find an answer to a problem they have, they have the ability to online chat with a representative that can offer some assistance. Social media is also a key for customer service with most online fashion retailers, with the ability to private message businesses to get answers to a problem.

> As consumers are one of the main drivers to ASOS's success, having positive relationships is key, and excellent customer service is vital for making and developing relationships. According to their 2017 Final Year Results, ASOS have made further investments in improving the live chat offering on both desktop and mobile, and introduced Facebook Messenger as a contact channel for all key markets. This allows the brand to talk to customers and resolve their concerns using the best channel for them, helping alleviate any negative feedback in an open forum such as social media.

8. Social Media

ASOS's most popular social media channels include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are all used to promote new products, update consumers about new trends and share information about new sales or deals on the site. ASOS has a separate Twitter account for customer service which allows for consumers to have direct access to customer service and answers to problems if needed. Their Instagram page reveals some behind the scenes of ASOS HQ as well as promoting new trends and products. This allows for consumers to see a more 'human' side of ASOS and see who is behind the online fashion giant. An example of ASOS's social media campaigns is the 'AsSeenOnMe' campaign, which was previously shoppable. The campaign continues across Twitter and Instagram, with over 800,000 posts on the hashtag on Instagram.

>  Social media is an excellent way for businesses, no matter what size, to reach prospects and customers. ASOS uses this to their advantage by connecting with customers via social media as well as using it to promote the newest trends. According to their 2017 Interim Report, ASOS have been early adopters of content formats such as shoppable Instagram stories and Snapchat lenses, with up to 100,000 views per broadcast produced.

9. Working with Influencers

[caption id="attachment_6721" align="alignnone" width="593"]ASOS Insiders The ASOS Insiders have the ability to share new clothes and trends on their social media, making content shoppable for consumers.[/caption]

ASOS Insiders is a marketing initiative designed by the retail giant to give its users more personal content. The insiders are a group of stylish individuals from all corners of the world, sharing their own fashion tips and style advice. Each insider uses their social media accounts, mainly Instagram, to promote clothes, accessories and/or makeup products that are available for purchase on ASOS.

> The idea of using influencers to promote products allows for long term engagement from customers, making the content shared shoppable and also allowing for consumers on different channels to engage with the content. In a study by Linqia, 39% of marketers are  increasing their influencer marketing budget in 2018.

10. Mobile Access

[caption id="attachment_6722" align="alignnone" width="578"]ASOS App The ASOS app enables customers to shop from anywhere, making the ecommerce experience quicker and easier.[/caption]

Mobile is big news for most companies, and ASOS is no exception. At least 58% of their global sales come from mobile, and up to 70% in the UK. ASOS launched their mobile app in 2015, allowing for customers to have easy access to the newest fashion and trends on the go, whilst quickening their shopping process. The app is iOS and Android compatible and allows for consumers to shop, save items to their wishlist, set alerts for sales, discounts and other offers on the site. The launch of the app has been extremely successful, with over 10 million active installs (according to the 'ASOS Story').

> Fashion retailers launching more online shops and apps indicates that ecommerce companies need to stop thinking like retailers and think like a consumer tech business. In 2017, ASOS's Annual Report revealed that app downloads had increased by 28% and mobile visits are up to 70% and according to a ThinkWithGoogle blog post, ASOS is one of the top 10 mobile retail sites in the UK.

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