13 - Promote your Calls to Action

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Good calls to action lead to clicks, fact. But how do you create good calls to action (CTAs), and how do you promote them? We're here to give away a few trade secrets, so read on...

The single key reason why calls to action fail is the copy. Great copywriting can lead to great click through rates and provide a great return on investment. Here's a few copy tips;

  1. Language - Use short, simple and understandable language which everyone can relate to
  2. Be unique and compelling - Try swapping 'sign up now' to 'learn something new.' Be unique with your CTA button's text. Avoid the default 'submit' on a button at all costs!
  3. Tone - Keep your tone similar to that of your target audience. Remember when to be formal and when to be informal.
  4. Relevant - Consider the target audience's needs and make sure the copy and channel is the right fit.

With the above in mind, your calls to action can be good, but how do you get them seen? That can be difficult. Here's a few of the best areas to place your call to action:

  • Above the fold
  • In the body of an email
  • On social posts
  • On a Facebook page (utilise your call to action button!)
  • And many more...

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from our free advent calendar.