14 - Use Twitter Lists & Searches

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Those that use Twitter will know that sorting through your timeline of tweets from thousands of people you follow can be difficult and the useful can be buried by the not-so-useful if you're not careful. Introducing Twitter lists..

Twitter lists categorise accounts. You can create your own list or simply join an existing one. Being on multiple lists can help your content get found. Handy, right? Here's a few ways you can find existing lists quickly and easily:

  1. Visit a profile, click 'lists' and search for who that profile is already following on a list (perfect for reviewing competitors!)
  2. Search for them! Simply search a relevant word, filter by 'timelines' and click lists.

Not only can you benefit from using lists on Twitter, but searches too. Utilising keywords and hashtags can bring up a number of results perfect for lead generation, research purposes and industry specific news. Including certain hashtags which are popular with your audience will grow your reach well above a standard tweet. Check the content of popular tweets on your preferred hashtags for inspiration.

Top tip: Check out your competition!

As we recommended in our 'mystery shopping' blog, monitor your competitors. Find their lists, check their hashtags and see where they're finding inspiration for content from to use for your competitive advantage.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from our free advent calendar.