18 - Create a Content Calendar

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A content calendar helps you to schedule content posting on social media, and can also be used to plan blogs and articles. A good content calendar should allow consideration for the topic and channel as well notes on the copy itself. Completing your calendar helps to ensure that updates get published on a regular basis and are particularly helpful in managing social media platforms.

If you use scheduling tools, these can be directly integrated with a content sheet, such as uploading your final Excel file directly to Hootsuite for bulk scheduling, which could really help save time.

Content calendars can be created through programmes such as Word or Excel, or Google Docs which can easily be shared with others. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to scheduling content - you can use a weekly content calendar or monthly. Sometimes planning shorter term is actually better - how can you schedule a year in advance when news changes daily?

Top tip: Don't stick to your content calendar

"What?! Make a content calendar and don't stick to it?"

Yes, we said it. Use your content calendar as 'base content'; to create regular updates on your chosen topics. However, the real world is more immediate than that. With news changing daily, trending topics emerging and business adapting to new surroundings - often your calendar will need adjusting. Use it as a guideline and adapt, adding in new trends and developments and editing content as you see fit.

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