20 - Record a Facebook Live

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Struggling to engage with your social followers? Record a Facebook live and watch your engagement levels go through the roof! Facebook Live is a live video / streaming service which brands can use to show them in action, doing something cool or responding to questions, for example. The possibilities are endless!

Benefits include;

  • Big audience potential (Facebook prioritises live video in the feed!)
  • Increased engagement
  • Reach new people
  • Create a richer, deeper engagement with potential customers

To go live from a smartphone, simply tap "what's on your mind" at the top of the news feed, select "live video" then add a description and choose your audience. Next, click "go live" and your broadcast will begin! A recorded version of the video can also be saved to your page for later viewers to watch.

Top tip: Build anticipation

Before going live, let anticipation build up. Announce that you'll be 'going live' in advance to keep users tuned in for that notification to pop up saying you've gone live, and ask them to 'follow' you for a notification. Direct your email subscribers to your live feed and build up a huge audience for best results. Remember, you must live up to the anticipation you build - and that means offering something really unique! Save live broadcasts for your best offers, favourite questions and answers or most interesting content.

Facebook also have produced some best practices including ideal video length and more engagement tips to boost your video.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from our free advent calendar.