22 - Write a LinkedIn Article

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Got some content? Great! The platform you post it on could be the difference between it going to waste and it generating traction. Often, it's hard to get an organic response to your content without a mass following so ensuring the correct platform is used to display and promote your content is key.

LinkedIn is a professional network, used heavily by professionals and businesses, particularly in the B2B industry. Writing unique content geared towards this area of business can gain a great response through LinkedIn, position you as a thought-leader and ultimately create leads. But just how do you publish on LinkedIn?

Many people don't realise you can share articles you write on LinkedIn just like your very own blog. Here's how to publish your first LinkedIn article, simply follow the guide written by LinkedIn.

Top tip: Optimise your post

LinkedIn have recently removed the three tags that could be added at the end of each article (as we originally wrote in our guide to publishing on LinkedIn), so you'll need to optimise your post for search carefully. Utilise the heading tags (h1, h2) etc, optimise your post for keywords which are important to your target audience, and when your post is live, use the revived hashtags functionality to promote your article with chosen relevant keywords in a post, to help reach more people. Share your article with your other networks for maximum reach.

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