23 - Set your Goals for 2017!

Realise Advent Calendar

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How was 2016 for your business? Do you have your 2016 data and analysis completed for web, email and social media? Do you know who your ideal customers are and what your competitors are doing? Once you have these pieces to hand and have a better idea of your benchmarks you'll be in a better place to create your marketing plan.

Just some of the areas we recommend that are reviewed and planned by an expert include;

  • Review of your social channel(s) content
  • Review of your social media advertising (if applicable)
  • Review of your website content and SEO
  • Summary of how well the above contribute to your brand and business goals. Recommendations for improvements to be made.
  • 2017 marketing plan for your implementation from January 2017

In order to share the 8 key benefits of planning your marketing for 2017 we've written a blog post and created the below infographic which includes a few hidden benefits to planning you may not immediately consider;

The Importance of planning

More details on each of the key benefits can be found in this post - 8 key benefits of planning your marketing for 2017.

So, grab your 2016 results, the aims you'd like to achieve in 2017 and whiteboard pens and get planning! Don't forget when you have your topline 2017 marketing plan, you'll need to plan your content and marketing implementation, picking the right calls to action.


You can find out more about the types of marketing planning services we offer as independent consultants here.

That's all for today. Come back tomorrow (Christmas Eve!) for the final day in our free 2016 advent calendar.