24 - Automate & Relax for Christmas

Realise Advent Calendar

Welcome to our 2016 Advent Calendar! We are sharing a marketing tip or trick every day until Christmas. To make sure you receive these updates, don't forget to register here. Happy Christmas!

Horray! As hard as you work during the year, we believe it's really important to schedule some time off. Put work aside and enjoy the festive season with your family. Set up automation, kick back and relax for Christmas!

We're totally behind you on this one. If you're lucky enough to be able to take time away from work over Christmas you really should! We've pulled together a few tools to help;

1. Lead generation funnels

If you haven't already, ensure that your lead generation processes are automated, from the initial contact, appointment booking (we use Calendly!), download request and many more - lead management tools such as Leadpages allow hands-off automation.

2. Triggered tools

We're in love with nifty apps like Zapier and IFTTT for time-saving automation. From handy iPhone apps that simplify and automate the most intuitive of processes (automatic backing up iPhone photos to Dropbox, anyone?), to setting up a new subscriber straight into your email database when they sign up somewhere else. It's a real no-brainer for any time of the year.

3. Automation basics

Check out our previous blogs on this topic, which contain a wealth of tips on setting up automation for your marketing and putting plans in place for downing tools for a week. The weather may be colder but the tips aren't any different!

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That's all from our free 2016 advent calendar for this year! We hope you have enjoyed the series.

Wishing you a very merry and relaxing Christmas and a happy new year from Realise Agency!
See you in 2017,


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