3 quick video tips for your business

The week before lockdown hit, A rather sage-like colleague of mine said; ‘doing video and doing video well is about to become the lifeblood of every business”. He was right! Whether it’s holding good quality video meetings, giving your customers advice through short videos, or sending out updates as to what services you can and can’t offer are all central pillars of the ‘COVID-19 experience’ (a title that would be Red Letter Days’ worst experience day voucher).

But with video playing such a massive part in how our businesses communicate with the outside world, how can we make sure that the messages we’re releasing all actually hit the mark? Well there are a couple of things we can do:

1. Make sure we still look the part

Yeah, we know that you’re at home. Most of us are. And when you’re working from home it kind of feels like an inalienable right as a home-worker to be able to do it in your jogging PJs. The problem is, is that when it comes to business meetings this looks pretty awful.

So what does this mean? Well, get yourself showered, shaved (if appropriate) and dressed as you would be for a face to face meeting. From there you can hop onto your video meeting, or film your video update while keeping the whole thing more professional, honest.

2. Don’t worry about the video quality

Yeah, I know this sounds like a really weird thing for the owner of a video company to say, but don’t let video quality get in the way of putting messages out, or jumping on a video meeting. We’re all very used to seeing quick updates from people through Instagram stories, so filming a quick set of tips from your phone to post on LinkedIn is absolutely fine too.

Of course, if you really do want to improve the quality of the videos you’re releasing, then now is a pretty good time to learn some new skills (a good starting point *coughs* may be the course we just released on Udemy on how to create your own videos for business *shameless plug mode disengaged*).

But seriously - grab your camera phone and go from there. You don’t need a high-end cinema grade camera for this stuff.

3. Consistency over Intensity

While more aimed at releasing video updates for your business, this one’s kinda important.

Don’t put out a hundred posts or videos and then hang up your camera for the month. We’re all very used to receiving a thousand updates from the things we’re interested in, even when we’re all locked at home. So giving people small, bitesize updates over the course of this pandemic is the way to make sure that you’re still connecting with your customer base. Set yourself a goal to send out a video update once a week, and you’ll be in people’s minds moving forward.

In a nutshell, I guess I could summarise by saying the best way of getting good at something is to go out and do something. No painter ever learned to paint with an empty canvas, and we’re in a world where it’s absolutely fine to not be perfect at this stuff. Grab your phone and keep your customer base informed of what you guys are up to!


Nick Pilgrim is Managing Director at CineRobota; a video production company based in Staffordshire and Cheshire, whose clients include Channel 4, NHS, Sky and Esso.Nick Pilgrim