4 - Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign

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Social media is here for the long term. Facebook is one of the key advertising platforms with huge return on investment possibility (we've seen up to 18-20 x ROI) - the opportunity is there for the taking!

Launching your first Facebook ad campaign can be a daunting experience but it could mean the difference between remaining unseen or directly reaching a whole new customer base.

Facebook is a versatile platform which can be tailored to suit both B2C and B2B advertising, offering a number of advert solutions ranging from 'boosted' posts to website clicks, offers or conversions, to name a few. There's a combination for everyone.

Top tip: Create a strategy & test!

Any company who has trialled Facebook advertising previously will either have seen a disappointing return from their efforts, or have seen an opportunity from limited success. Either way, a thorough and ongoing strategy is recommended, to pull together the right mix of business objectives, audiences, creative, targeting and conversion. It's possible to turn around your Facebook advertising fortunes in a relatively short time! As with anything in marketing, testing is highly recommended, especially at the beginning of a campaign. The results of testing are used to optimise existing and future campaigns.

There's much, much more to Facebook advertising strategy than we can possibly cover here. If you'd like to know more about this exciting topic, you can read further about Facebook ads here or ask us a question here. What's your current strategy?

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