6 Benefits to Outsourcing Digital Marketing

As you'll likely know, running a business can be extremely time consuming. At some point you'll come to realise that doing everything for yourself is simply not viable. Employing a second pair of hands is one solution, but sometimes it's not necessary. If you need a helping hand from time to time, you should look to outsource to a digital marketing consultant. This can be both cheaper and more convenient than hiring a full time employee and you'll benefit from their expertise and focus in the area you require while you can be left to do what you're good at - growing your business.

Digital marketing is one of those areas you could benefit from by outsourcing to the professionals! Here's why:

1. Brand

Running social media accounts for yourself can be very time consuming and many businesses come across outdated due to this lack of time commitment. Badly managed social media can be damaging to your brand! Imagine yourself in the customers shoes and you came across your own business social media pages. What does it say to your customer? It's important to keep on point and consistent throughout every platform you promote yourself on with the appropriate graphics and content - this will reflect well onto the customer. Digital marketing agencies have the expertise to ensure this happens - their results often speak for themselves!

2. Awareness

Social media is one of the first things that people will check when researching your brand. Not only that, but social media pages rank highly with brand related keywords in Google. Often, because of this, the first point of contact you'll get with a customer is through a lead built from social awareness. If your pages appear outdated and lack the necessary appeal to your audience, they'll simply go elsewhere. Increase your conversions with expertly written, tailored content.

3. Results

Being results driven is what keeps customers returning. Why spend hours of your own time trialling various different digital marketing campaigns with little or no results? Get a professional on board with experience in what does and doesn't work, which should lead to better results. Cut out the trial period and go straight into the implementation. Many businesses are not aware of the power of digital marketing - don't neglect this key area of business development or you'll risk falling behind of the competition. Get an expert to improve your results today.

4. Time


Social media is addictive. Fact. Simply logging on to Facebook to update your followers of a new product you're launching can end up in hours of pointless scrolling - the result? Wasted time! Save yourself hours a day by letting somebody else manage your social media profiles. Furthermore, again, the likes of search engine optimisation can take hours upon hours of work to begin improving your search standings. Let the professionals work out the correct keywords for you to target and the process can be shortened considerably. If it's instant results you're looking for, PPC campaigns can provide just that, as can paid social media campaigns!

5. Money

Time is money and outsourcing can save you both! Look past the bank-20795_1920initial outlay and into your future earnings and you'll realise that digital marketing in the form of social media management, search engine optimisation and PPC advertising to name a few can actually work out to be very cost effective. Instead of paying a new employee by the hour why not develop a monthly package with an agency you can trust? That way you can develop a package to suit your businesses budget and needs for a one off fee.

6. Evolution

Digital marketing is an ever-changing process and it's almost impossible to keep on top of. You could spend hours doing search engine optimisation yourself only to realise that Google has updated it's algorithm only the previous week. What you just did could now be detrimental to your business! Digital Marketeers keep on top of this ever-changing process so you don't have to!

But how do I manage a long distance working relationship?

Distance is often a worry for clients which is why we would never recommend outsourcing abroad. For peace of mind, stick to a local digital marketing agency who can get to know you and your business inside out. An agency who can become an important part of your business and a point of contact if a question ever arises. To ensure you are working with the right social media consultant, ask them these 10 questions.

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