9 - Pick the Right Social Media Channel

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Be where your customers are!

Picking the right social media channel can save time and wasted effort. Why spend time posting to Facebook when all of your customers are using Twitter? Why spend hours tweeting during the day when your customers use LinkedIn in the evenings?

All too often we find struggling businesses spending time on social media but using the wrong channels, or sometimes in the wrong way - fortunately, we're here to help.

Once you've done some research on where your customers are, you'll need to consider a social content strategy, and split of focus (and budget) between organic and paid. Here's some quick general tips on using social media;

  • LinkedIn is generally used by professionals who work 9-5
  • Facebook is used by most people throughout the day - consider B2B as well as B2C
  • Twitter isn't massively accessible to those who don't follow you - use hashtags!
  • Optimise your updates, ads and website for mobile as well as desktop - people check social feeds on mobile more than desktop in general.

Ultimately, develop a customer persona which includes social usage from your own market research, but posting the on the right channel, with right content at the right time of day can help hugely.

Don't forget yesterday's tip on understanding your social analytics to keep on track!

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from our free advent calendar.