Press coverage to date (Realise Marketing)

QuickBooks – What makes a good website – 10 essential elements

Key quote – “Having a better knowledge of successful activities and ROI enables you to make better decisions on your marketing budget.”

Wyatt International – B2B Marketing Predictions & Tips for 2020

Key quote – “We have started to see on the B2C side how consumer behaviour is shifting in retail to become more environmentally conscious, and this trend is in the early stages of fruition. Companies should consider how this could apply to their industry to maximise this opportunity and stay one step ahead of the competition.

“This might mean streamlining services, rethinking products and their utilisation, or removing waste from both physical and digital processes. For many, there will be efficiency and corporate social responsibility gains to be found. There may also be opportunities identified for new product development to fit changing B2B consumer demand.”

Creative Brum: 3 Reasons why Birmingham is Brilliant

Key quote – “When the online retailer ASOS chose Birmingham as a major base for its digital work, they cited the local talent, cost savings and physical infrastructure of being right for their business growth. It only adds to the argument that, for many, Birmingham is only second to London in terms of the digital creative industry.”

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