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Warning sign on a cliff
6 Warning signs your social media strategy is failing
24th November 2020

Social content can be critical in growing your business; it can help your business engage with customers and become more visible….

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3 quick video tips for your business
3 quick video tips for your business
19th May 2020

The week before lockdown hit, A rather sage-like colleague of mine said; ‘doing video and doing video well is about to become…

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Should you quit social media?
Should your brand quit social media?
18th April 2019

In marketing we all know that there can be times where things don’t turn out quite as well as hoped. However…

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Valentines 2019
Valentine’s – hit or miss?
14th February 2019

It’s officially Valentine’s Day, one of the most popular holidays in the online marketing calendar. We bring you the highs and lows…

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5 actions to adapt to Facebook news feed changes
5 actions to adapt to Facebook news feed changes
14th January 2018

Facebook have again moved the goalposts and brands must consider how to update their content strategy for 2018. We’ve got five…

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Why is Social Media Important for Businesses
Why is Social Media Important for Businesses?
1st August 2017

Social media has grown in recent years from a platform in which young people could communicate with friends, to a fantastic…

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Facebook Live vs YouTube Live
24th July 2017

Since 2016, live video has been gaining more and more traction and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down….

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5 Reasons Social is Underrated for B2B
13th February 2017

Many B2B businesses are hearing about wild successes from B2C companies in social media, and assuming it can’t happen for them….

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2017 Key Trends
2017 – Key Trends
1st January 2017

We hope you had a relaxing festive period and wishing you a happy new year! As mentioned in our review of the…

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Why your Facebook Promoted Posts aren't Working
5 Ways Your Business is Losing Money on Facebook Ads
14th November 2016

Facebook advertising can be a hugely lucrative digital marketing tool (with some of our clients making up to 18-20 times return…

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