Coronavirus statement

I'll keep this brief as you have seen so many of these now! Here are the headlines for those looking to work with us during or shortly after this difficult time;

Business as usual

To some extent, we are still 'business as usual'. We are predominately a remote business, so we are lucky in the fact that we are already set up for it, and are able to continue working remotely with relative lack of interruption. If you are thinking of working with us, do get in touch and we can discuss your goals and timescales.

Reduced working hours

However, we are temporarily running at reduced working hours. We will be extending this just as soon as it is safe to do so and will keep you informed. This will mean that our turnaround time is a little longer than normal, please bear with us as we all try to find the best way forward.

Remote taking over in-person interactions

As you'd expect, we're still fully operational online and have already switched any planned meetings in-person to video or phone calls. With the training part of the business, we will be running workshops remotely using the relevant technology, and find that these can be a very effective alternative. We have remote workshops booked from April onwards.

New content and tools

We really want to do our bit to help, especially for those businesses struggling to pivot their business from an in-person to remote model, and being able to find opportunities which perhaps mean very different decisions to what was planned at the start of the year. We are busy working on a range of content and tools behind the scenes to help. If you have a special request, do let us know!


We really don't want to have to close our doors, and hopefully we are a long way from that. Almost like a local coffee shop, if you do enjoy our content and services and wish to support us in another way, we have opened a Ko-fi account where you can support us for the price of a coffee.

But most importantly, we really wish everyone well - clients, suppliers, friends and colleagues. Please say safe and look after yourselves, loved ones and everyone by following Government guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.