Mastering Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Course

Discover the key digital marketing tools to grow your business

Course overview

Whether you’re new to digital marketing, or have started to dip your toe into the water, you’ll benefit from this training course on the main digital marketing tools to grow your business.

This course covers all the basics and gives you a good overview of all your options; from website management and optimisation to email, advertising, online marketing and social media.

Key learning outcomes

The course modules include:

  1. Understanding the main digital marketing tools and what they can do for your business
  2. Defining your digital marketing strategy
  3. Website management & health
  4. How to get to the top of Google’s search results (Search Engine Optimisation / SEO)
  5. The importance of content (website and social media)
  6. Email marketing (including automated, trigger and campaigns / newsletters)
  7. Growing your email list
  8. Introduction to Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing (Google AdWords) & keyword research
  9. Social media basics
  10. Understanding your results & Google Analytics

Course length: 4 hours

Course location: Remote (usually Birmingham, West Midlands)

Course availability: Booking now