Social Media for Business

Find out how your business can benefit from effective social media

Course overview

You’ve heard that social media is really important for your business these days, but do you know where to start?

This course provides a solid overview of all the main social media platforms and helps you define which platforms you should be on, how to best use them and what you can get out of it. It will also help ensure you don’t waste time in the business by focusing on the wrong channels or activity, meaning your time and budget is spent most effectively.

Key learning outcomes


  1. The top 7 reasons why your business should be active on social media
  2. How to define your primary and secondary social media channels and why this is important
  3. Setting up your social strategy
  4. Channel basics – how to set up a profile, the best imagery and content to use
  5. Posting basics – planning, scheduling, live engagement and building a community
  6. Social media for research – how to find out more about your competitors, customers and target audience
  7. Integrating social media with your website, email and other marketing activity
  8. Social media and customer service
  9. When you should use free or paid social media (advertising)
  10. How to measure and track your campaigns

Course length: 4 hours

Course location: Remote (usually Birmingham, West Midlands)

Course availability: Booking now