How our three step formula delivers results

We formalised our 3-step formula last year, which has been proven to save you money and help meet your business goals. So, how does it all work and why is it important to analyse marketing data in this way?

Phase 1 - Discover

Whether pre, during or post-pandemic, analysing and monitoring results from marketing activity against business goals has always been important. Not only does it inform current activity (with immediate adjustments that can be made), but also future strategy and investment.

However, we are talking about more here than surface-level statistics such as the number of engagements with social media posts. The most successful digital marketing audits really get under the hood of the business as well as analysing the usual platforms (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, social media and email platforms as the starting point).

It might sound obvious, but clients who are able to approach the review process without overly-restrictive limitations are most likely get the most out of it. Those who yield the maximum output here will be:

  • Open to sharing all aspects of data, both qualitative and quantative
  • Be transparent on revenue streams, business goals and operations
  • Have a similar perspective of the marketing function (the intrinsic relationship with business goals and processes)
  • Understand and articulate where things have and haven’t worked out so far
  • Have a partnership approach, on the understanding that we are working under NDA and strict confidentiality. Working together to uncover opportunities and solve problems.

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Do you recognise any of these pain points outlinedn above?

Our proven three step formula for digital marketing

Phase 2 - Transform

Now the magic happens!

The first step within the transformation process is the visibility of the previously hidden information and key insights, including any bonus insights which are also uncovered. We will discuss this with you further and formulate goal-driven action plans and strategies.

All work is created bespoke, but the kind of outputs you might expect include:

  • Quick wins
  • Gap analysis
  • Missed opportunities and key insights
  • Cost/benefit analysis - estimated returns / cost savings (financial or non-financial goals)
  • Marketing strategy
  • Channel selection
  • Brand / content recommendations
  • Operational and customer service recommendations
  • Creative recommendations
  • Technical recommendations

New clients often ask whether we implement the work or oversee someone to implement the strategy. We can actually work both ways; most clients keep us on retainer to oversee successful delivery of the strategy and undertake regular reporting and management calls to keep on track.

Phase 3 - Results

Once the first two phases have been carried out, results will start to come through. If the recommended quick wins have been actioned, these might be sooner than you’d think!

What constitutes successful results will vary business to business, and depending on your goals, however some examples of what we have achieved so far below.

Business Outcomes

We would expect the benefits in terms of ROI that can be achieved and cost savings from quick wins to longer term strategy to more than pay for the investment. Some examples of ROI that we have previously discovered through this work include:

  • Turning a negative investment in advertising into a 18-20 x ROI each month (based on audit, strategy and 3-4 month retainer)
  • Discovering a technical error which meant over 100,000 emails were not being delivered, costing the company thousands of pounds in lost revenue, and implementing a process to address and resolve the issue whilst reconnecting with the customers
  • Embarking on an internal culture change process to enhance the profile of social media, taking customer comments on social media from being ignored or deleted to being central to the customer-focused culture, helping turn around brand sentiment

This process becomes a cycle, to be repeated on a regular basis (many clients plan monthly). More regular analytics and a strategy review should become a key element of delivery, taking advice as necessary.

You can absolutely undertake the audit and the 3-step formula yourself, but lots of clients find benefit from working with a digital marketing consultant as an experienced external fresh pair of eyes.

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