Advent recap: marketing techniques, tips & tactics

1 – Understand your Web Analytics

Only.4% of all 348 million websites use Google Analytics, and many are missing valuable insights this can show. Find out more about understanding the data and setting KPIs for your website activity.

2 – Review your Competitors

Understand how to gain competitive advantage from understanding what types of activities your competitors are running.

3 – Know your Customers

How to create your buyer personas as well as find new and unexpected places for insights into your current customers.

4 – Launch a Facebook Ad Campaign

How to launch or improve your advertising on Facebook.

5 – Set up Email Automation

Understand the benefits of setting up automated emails to prospects, new and existing customers as part of your email marketing strategy.

6 – Grow your Network (B2B)

Find out more about networking online and offline, and how to build your authority on social media.

7 – Talk to Existing Customers

Repeat customers are valuable, both financially and in terms of uncovering useful feedback. Find out how to unlock these insights to grow your business.

8 – Understand your Social Analytics

Which KPIs are the most key to review and manage, both for paid and organic social media activity?

9 – Pick the Right Social Media Channel

How to pick the right channel, or combination of channels, for your audience.

10 – Create a Video!

Live and recorded video is now an essential part of your marketing plan. Find out more here.

11 – Check your Mobile

Mobile presence is still the number one area where most websites could be improved. Discover why this is important and how you can check your mobile website performance.

12 – A/B test your Emails

Find out more about split testing your emails and why this helps make your campaigns more effective.

13 – Promote your Calls to Action

How to create calls to action (CTAs) that inspire clicks.

14 – Use Twitter Lists & Searches

Discover this handy research tool in Twitter.

15 – Check your Website Health

How to run a website health check and why it is important to run these regularly, as part of your website audit.

16 – Set up Google Alerts

How to use this handy free tool to get real-time updates on your or your competitors' brands and product mentions.

17 – Understand your Email Analytics

Understand your key email metrics and which KPIs to focus on improving,

18 – Create a Content Calendar

All about the importance of creating a content calendar, but not worrying about sticking to it!

How to find out what your customers want and how to use the data you uncover.

20 – Record a Facebook Live

Even more important this year than last, find out when and how to use Facebook live to stream video.

21 – Work out your ROI’s from 2016 (2017)

Understand your figures from this year to effectively plan for next year.

22 – Write a LinkedIn Article

How to produce a LinkedIn article as part of your B2B content marketing plan.

23 – Set your Goals for 2017 (2018)!

How and why to make your marketing plan for next year, including a handy planning infographic.

24 – Automate & Relax for Christmas

A few tips to help you plan automatic tools to save you time this festive period!

We hope you enjoy this recap of our marketing advent calendar tips and techniques.

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