The New Criteria Limiting your Facebook Ads

There's something that Facebook isn't yet telling us in their newsroom, and it's effecting the delivery and effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns.

It's that infamous 20% text rule again. Facebook have always had a limitation on text within the creative for Pages to advertise. The 20% text rule means that within your ad image, if what Facebook deems as text overlays (including logos) takes over more than 20% of the image, then it isn't in line with Facebook rules.

However, something we originally heard via the Facebook grapevine appears to be turning out to be true (as we suspected in our blog 'What's new in Social Media?').

Essentially, Facebook used to automatically approve ads which its tools deemed to be within their rules, and not allow ads to go live which their tools deemed to be against the rules. Therefore rarely ads would go live which contravened the 20% text rule, until the ads were adapted and re-submitted for approval. In order to simplify the process, Facebook has now updated their rules to allow most ads to go live, but ads which don't meet the 20% text rule will be subject to reduced delivery.

"ads which don't meet the 20% text rule will be subject to reduced delivery."

Facebook have recently updated their help section to include this update (as of 22nd March). They have also retired the grid checker as part of this update.

There are some key reasons for this;

  • Facebook reference that ads which keep text out of the image cost less for the Page owner to advertise
  • Facebook also say that these ads tend to be better received by the audience
  • And now, ads which don't meet the rules won't have full delivery (won't be shown to the full audience available)

By limiting the delivery, this is more of a 'carrot' than a 'stick' approach, persuading Page owners that they are really better off most of the keeping text within the set copy areas, as demonstrated by the Facebook guideline below;

Facebook ad limited reach

There are a few exceptions to be aware of, and also other factors which could effect delivery, such as audience crossover and negative feedback.

How you are finding Facebook ads at the moment? Are they delivering the return you'd hoped for? There are plenty more factors personal to your own setup which could be holding you back. Ask us for a free review of your paid social media campaigns.