New year; New logo

Have you spotted our new branding?

Since we updated our name to Realise Marketing last year, we've been planning a logo update. We took time to consider the best direction, and with any solid marketing plan, researched to ensure that the changes would resonate well with our customers.

realise-full-logoOur original logo from 2014 had more of a social media focus, with a speech mark emblem being the main graphic element. We were keen to evolve the logo to be more in line with our revised offering, not least in representing the strategic improvements and business growth that our work has demonstrated for our clients.

Four years ago our main services were around social media and advertising planning, project management and working with marketing agencies to add our expertise to their client service teams.

Since then, we have added or enhanced the following services, which now make up a core part of our business;

Our core focus remains in the digital marketing industry, and we specialise in strategic planning, research and a results-focus. In turn we have been able to translate theoretical improvements identified into real and financial improvements within our client businesses.

Realise Marketing favicon

It was therefore important to us for the graphic element of the logo to represent a growth curve and the strategic evolution of a business. The 'fan' device was designed to convey this concept and the bold colour palette was selected to demonstrate creating standout and impact for our clients. Paired with a clean and simple font, and primary and secondary colour palette finalised, we now have our new branding in place!

We look forward to continuing to bring our refined brand and service offering to our core clients across marketing agencies and individual businesses this year, as well as continuing to support those developing their marketing careers through our training courses and internship programme.