Most-read of 2018

Grab your festive drink of choice, get comfortable and dig in to our most popular blogs from the year!

Plan your 2018 marketing

A timely addition for our annual planning tips blog. If you haven't already got plans well underway for 2019, you may find this post useful, which last week we updated for your 2019 marketing planning process. This takes you through some of the steps you'll need to be prepared for 2019, whatever it may bring! Our post 'the 8 benefits of marketing planning' also features in the top 10 from the year, and provides some useful insights to convince even the most sceptical of the value to be gained from the planning process!

Our annual marketing trends reports are always among the top 5 posts from the year, and we know that you find our insights valuable to contribute to your annual planning processes. Top predictions from our 2018 tips which have rung true include automation, focus on customer experience, the continued growth of influencers and customer awareness of privacy in the wake of GDPR. Keep an eye out for our 2019 tips coming soon (sign up for email alerts here!

5 actions to adapt to Facebook news feed changes

Earlier this year, we provided advice around the changes Facebook announced to the news feed, with guidance on how to adapt your content strategy and maximise your presence.

Top 10 stock image sites

Another great one to bookmark, this blog post runs through our recommended royalty free stock image sites, which are often free to use.

10 ways ASOS is killing it right now

Written by our marketing intern from the summer, Jemima, this post outlines some of our favourite ways that ASOS continue to grow their online revenue through innovation and customer focus.

Building a micro agency

This blog post outlining the way Realise was established to fulfil a needed niche in 2014 remains one of our most popular reads. In 2018 we refreshed the name of Realise Agency to become Realise Marketing, but our core values remain.

Top 10 free marketing courses you can take right now

Another of our top posts is this summary of some of our favourite free marketing learning resources, including tools from Facebook, Google, Moz, Hubspot and Smart Insights.

Why your agency needs a consultant

Finally, this post provided agencies with a list of the top 10 reasons an agency should hire a marketing consultant, and reviewed the various pros and cons.

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