Marketing Audit & Recommendations

The benefits of an experienced external consultant conducting an audit of your digital marketing or offline marketing are invaluable (see below for examples).

We discuss and review across your multiple channels, including qualitative and quantitative analysis, to bring you a set of strategic recommendations on how your business can generate more money. This will likely be through a variety of measures and over various timescales. We can either work with you to deliver the strategy or simply deliver our recommendations for your own implementation.

Discovery and Immersion

Where possible we recommend starting your project with a day spent in your offices (or remotely), to get to grips with the background of larger scale projects. This can be an invaluable chance to get key members of the team together (or a representative from each department) to deep dive into issues and barriers that could impact marketing effectiveness.

Marketing Audit

We provide a multi-channel audit of your digital marketing channels. Channels that we select for the review are based on our discussion and your own preferences. Multi-channel often includes: e.g. web, SEO, organic social media, paid social media, email marketing, display advertising and so on. Appropriate offline channels can also be reviewed.

Strategic Recommendations

This is the stage that brings the most benefit to your business and is an important outcome of the work at the audit stage. We take our findings from the audit and pull together your bespoke recommendations for your implementation. Alternatively we can discuss overseeing implementation of the recommendations, which many businesses find helps to keep the improvements identified on track.

Business Outcomes

Wondering how your business could benefit from an audit and strategic recommendations?

We would expect the benefits in terms of ROI that can be achieved and cost savings from quick wins to longer term strategy to more than pay for the investment.

Some examples of ROI that we have previously discovered through this work include:

  • Turning a negative investment in advertising into a 18-20 x ROI each month (based on audit, strategy and 3-4 month retainer)
  • Discovering a technical error which meant over 100,000 emails were not being delivered, costing the company thousands of pounds in lost revenue, and implementing a process to address and resolve the issue whilst reconnecting with the customers
  • Embarking on an internal culture change process to enhance the profile of social media, taking customer comments on social media from being ignored or deleted to being central to the customer-focused culture, helping turn around brand sentiment

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