Marketing Audit & Recommendations

The benefits of an experienced external consultant conducting an audit of your digital marketing or offline marketing are invaluable (see below for examples).

We discuss and review across your multiple channels, including qualitative and quantitative analysis, to bring you a set of strategic recommendations on how your business can generate more money. This will likely be through a variety of measures and over various timescales. We can either work with you to deliver the strategy or simply deliver our recommendations for your own implementation.

Discovery and Immersion

Where possible we recommend starting your project with a day spent in your offices (or remotely), to get to grips with the background of larger scale projects. This can be an invaluable chance to get key members of the team together (or a representative from each department) to deep dive into issues and barriers that could impact marketing effectiveness.

Marketing Audit

We provide a multi-channel audit of your digital marketing channels. Channels that we select for the review are based on our discussion and your own preferences. Multi-channel often includes: e.g. web, SEO, organic social media, paid social media, email marketing, display advertising and so on. Appropriate offline channels can also be reviewed.

Strategic Recommendations

This is the stage that brings the most benefit to your business and is an important outcome of the work at the audit stage. We take our findings from the audit and pull together your bespoke recommendations for your implementation. Alternatively we can discuss overseeing implementation of the recommendations, which many businesses find helps to keep the improvements identified on track.

Business Outcomes

Wondering how your business could benefit from an audit and strategic recommendations?

We would expect the benefits in terms of ROI that can be achieved and cost savings from quick wins to longer term strategy to more than pay for the investment.

Some examples of ROI that we have previously discovered through this work include:

  • Turning a negative investment in advertising into a 18-20 x ROI each month (based on audit, strategy and 3-4 month retainer)
  • Discovering a technical error which meant over 100,000 emails were not being delivered, costing the company thousands of pounds in lost revenue, and implementing a process to address and resolve the issue whilst reconnecting with the customers
  • Embarking on an internal culture change process to enhance the profile of social media, taking customer comments on social media from being ignored or deleted to being central to the customer-focused culture, helping turn around brand sentiment
  • “Rebecca is very thorough in her work, flexible and always brings valuable expertise to the table. She has undertaken a broad range of in-depth keyword research for us for over a year now, which has helped to drive our content programme forward, ensuring onsite articles are SEO-driven, relevant and meet the needs of our users. I look forward to working with Rebecca again in the future.”

    Ellie Green
    Content & Communications Executive, Totaljobs
  • “Over the last two years, Rebecca has played an important role in Totaljobs’ new content programme producing advice for UK workers on topics like CV writing and interviewing. The programme strives to produce the leading advice anywhere online, and as such, calls for an unparalleled level of rigour in the research process. The first researcher on our new programme, Rebecca has not only delivered in-depth keyword research addressing the topics of highest importance to our audience, but also played an instrumental role in the formation of the research methodologies we use today. Her work is meticulous, and her responsiveness to our unique requirements and workflows has been particularly welcome.”

    Brett Ackroyd
    Brett Ackroyd
    Editor-in-chief – advice, Totaljobs
  • “It’s great to feel excited about our marketing plans and I now feel confident that I’ve got everything in place to grow the business. Thank you for all of the work you put in to everything.”

    View Stuart James Photography case study
    Stuart James
    Stuart James
    Owner / Photographer at Stuart James Photography
  • “Rebecca is one of the primary digital marketing consultants in the UK. Rebecca has lead over 15 digital marketing projects on behalf of Enchant so far, all with extreme passion and detail. She turns over every stone, uncovers every insight and creates detailed digital plans across all channels. We have worked together for 18 months now, and we are very lucky to have Rebecca as one of our leading strategists. If you are seeking someone to transform your digital marketing, you are in the right place!”

    Philip Storey
    Owner, Enchant Agency
  • “Realise have so much insight, understanding and thought out vision that I am incredibility excited about what will become of my little business. We are only at the start of our work together but the research already carried out was incredibly thorough, going into areas I had never even thought of and I now have a much better understanding of what areas to move forward with, what to put less effort into and which opportunities definitely shouldn’t be missed out on. I would highly recommend Realise to anyone wanting a professional to do the job really, really well!”

    View From Sally With Love case study
    Sally Harflett
    Sally Harflett
    Owner, From Sally With Love
  • “Rebecca has been a great asset, helping us prepare for pitches and giving us good strategic advice”

    Steve Tipson
    Steve Tipson
    Owner, Auburn Creative Ltd
  • “Was a pleasure working with Rebecca. She takes a very detailed approach and is professional and personable. I would highly recommend using her Consultancy.”

    Mark James
    Mark James
    Founder & Director, Four Corners Events
  • “I have recently launched my firms new website and social media pages, which were designed in association with partner agencies and Realise Marketing’s expert marketing skills. I would highly recommend this team to anybody seeking a quality online presence at a good value.”

    View Joel Richmond CCA case study
    Joel Trott
    Joel Trott
    Director, Joel Richmond CCA
  • “I’m thrilled with the way you have remoulded the content, been able to integrate new thoughts, and counsel me on what works! A rare talent!”

    Ray Murphy
    Ray Murphy
    MD, Alert Research
  • “If you’re serious about promoting your business you really can’t afford not to have Rebecca’s incisive mind working as part of your team. Marketing is now such a diverse and far reaching subject that’s almost impossible to find someone who actually gets the bigger picture, let alone has the skill-set to pull it all together in the shape of an effective campaign. To her it just seems… well… obvious.”

    View Icarus Media case study
    Paul Harvey
    Paul Harvey
    Owner, Icarus Media