Valentine's - hit or miss?

It's officially Valentine's Day, one of the most popular holidays in the online marketing calendar. We bring you the highs and lows from some of the top brands' marketing activity launched this morning. Which will you love?

1. Groupon - 20% off local deals

Groupon have launched a specific Valentine's discount for their local deals with 20% off until midnight today.

Groupon Valentines Deal

What we love:

Simple and effective, this campaign also plays to the saving message of their full priced activities by focusing on the "20% EXTRA off" deals message.

What we'd improve:

The creative could be more enticing. Also there isn't currently any Valentine's categorisation within the local deals landing page, so more romantic activities such as spa days are included alongside dentists, valet and blood tests on the Birmingham page!  Improving categorisation or adding a bespoke landing page for the campaign would help drive relevance and conversion rates.

2. Miss Selfridge - Up to 50% off all coats

Miss Selfridge up to 50% off

What we love:

Miss Selfridge lead with this compelling offer for Valentine's Day, which ties in nicely with the change in season. The landing page delivers, with some coats in the product feed even showing at less than half price.

What we'd improve:

Unfortunately there is no mention of the free Valentine's Day gift during the experience, which feels like a missed opportunity. The offer should at least be itemised on the basket page. There is also no guest checkout option which would help improve conversion rates.

3. McDonald's - Make a date with your dream Big Mac

McDonald's have been quick to tie in their current Big Mac campaign with the Valentine's theme by asking customers to match one of the six burgers on their current promotion.

McDonalds Make a date

What we love:

The 'help me choose my perfect match' element is a strong mechanic to re-ignite interest in the current Big Mac campaign, available until 19th March. Once the matching product is selected the call to action to 'find my nearest' linking to the restaurant locator helps to push the customer down the conversion funnel.

What we'd improve:

The user interface and experience to click through the options and find your match isn't as user-friendly as it should be. Also It isn't until the end of the process that the name of each burger option is revealed. More about the six options could be included upfront, or afterwards as a 'browse the Big Mac menu' option.

4. Monki - 14% off everything

The fashion retailer Monki are offering 14% off everything for Valentine's Day.

Monki 14% off

What we love:

A clean and simple proposition that plays to the Valentine's theme, as well as the recent Galentine's Day trend for you or someone you love.

What we'd improve:

The campaign feels like it is trying to kill two birds with one stone with the landing page leading to the 'new in' category. We would recommend a specific Valentine's Day landing page or category, such as this. Even though the discount code applies across the whole site, a new-in campaign is a strong message and campaign within its own right.

Monki alternative landing page

_Monki - example alternative landing page for Valentine's Day 2019 campaign


5. Feelunique - Colour me in... pink

As part of their rainbow colour campaign,  Feelunique have chosen pink to focus on for Valentine's Day.

Feelunique - Colour me in... pink

What we love:

The landing page includes buyer picks across a range of pink hues, and integrates well with social, with a section on the landing page dedicated to 'your favourites from social'.

What we'd improve:

The social interaction could go a little further, including user-generated content on the website as well as tips from real customers for example. Also, when browsing all pink products, and especially those featured as buyers picks, a quote from a buyer for each product on the particular benefits would help create standout and improve campaign performance.