From Sally With Love

Marketing strategy development with organic, paid social media and website audits, together with strategy recommendations

From Sally With Love is an independent designer who plans and designs bespoke wedding stationery (invitations, save the dates and more) for her clients. She's based in Frome, Somerset, UK.

We were appointed to conduct an audit and provide recommendations reports across the key areas of social media / content strategy (organic and paid), and technical, and to review the website.

Social Media / Content Audit & Recommendations

The organic social media audit uncovered some important gaps, including a change that could be made to better tailor content to the audience, to widen the potential target audience and to methods to improve goal performance (eg. clicks through to the website). We reviewed social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google +.

We reviewed current content pillars across the social channels and website, and provided recommendations on future content pillars best tailored to the content needs of each audience.

Recommendations for video, especially live video like Facebook Live, were a key part of the strategy.

We also reviewed competitors and identified opportunities where From Sally With Love can gain ground over other designers.

Paid social strategy reviews and recommendations also helped identify;

  • Best-performing adverts
  • Lowest-performing adverts
  • Engagement metrics and optimisation examples
  • Key opportunities to gain better value and return from the marketing budget

Marketing Strategy Development

Five strategic goals were set, with aligned objectives and action plans ready to be carried through to marketing and content planning. This process ensured that all future content could be easily tied back to business objectives and provides a better picture for ROI.

From Sally With Love has since implemented many of the recommendations in the strategy and enjoyed an uplift of website traffic.

“Realise have so much insight, understanding and thought out vision that I am incredibility excited about what will become of my little business. We are only at the start of our work together but the research already carried out was incredibly thorough, going into areas I had never even thought of and I now have a much better understanding of what areas to move forward with, what to put less effort into and which opportunities definitely shouldn’t be missed out on. I would highly recommend Realise to anyone wanting a professional to do the job really, really well!”

When we followed up the client to check the impact of our recommendations a year later, Sally added;

"The outcome of the work has basically been amazing. I have been getting more enquiries via Facebook, which is still my primary social media channel, but more importantly they have have been converting into business. I have also had a few people get in touch through Pinterest too, one even being from Texas!

Through Realise's work I have now managed to define my customer better. This has meant I've changed the way I speak about my business to customers, emphasising the uniqueness of what I do. It has also meant that I can better target where I want to find those customers as well.

Wedding fayres are still a key way to meet clients, but I managed to get 6 bookings at my last fayre, whereas before I met Rebecca I had never taken a booking directly at a fayre. Two of which were so excited about me that I was the first thing they had booked for their weddings, and their weddings are both two years away! Even better they had both had done some good research before coming to me, having seen me at another fayre, reviewing my business online and then coming back. WOOHOO!

Following the recommendations, I've made a few changes to my website and I'm now getting many more subscribers too.

All in all I'm very pleased with the work provided by Realise, I've never been so busy with new clients and enquiries!"

Sally Harflett - Owner, From Sally With Love

Project results in more detail (% increase)

Email subscribers: 70% increase in email subscribers in the last 6 months

Facebook: 66% Facebook enquiries converting into paid business. 100% more enquiries received

Wedding Fayres: 100% more bookings taken