Joel Richmond CCA

Identified brand USPs and evolved web, social and email presence

Joel Richmond Chartered Certified Accountants lacked a strong brand presence and the previous website was unfinished and lacking in key information that would be useful to prospective and current customers.

Working closely with a web partner, we developed the brand positioning through pulling out key USPs and services to suit each audience. We researched and planned the right keywords to integrate and developed the website content and copy, optimising for search engines and to make the offer clear for all users.

We planned and delivered a re-launch email to customers which achieved a 73% open rate and 17% click-through rate. Over 15,000 impressions for the site have been created so far, using relevant competitive keywords, and the site is climbing in Google's rankings.

“I have recently launched my firms new website and social media pages, which were designed in association with partner agencies and Realise Marketing’s expert marketing skills. I would highly recommend this team to anybody seeking a quality online presence at a good value.”

Joel Trott, Director at Joel Richmond CCA Ltd

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